prevention of Burn Out

Presence as a prevention of Burn Out or “the healthy economy of me”

This 3 session course includes an in-depth exploration of our resources (inner and relational) and a skill transfer for creating availability, sustainability and agency. 

By gaining clarity and allowing we create resiliency, we develop mechanisms to digest information, reduce stress and reconnect with our joy, creativity, and vitality.  

  1. Availability: How busy and overloaded is our internal space? How do we regulate the flux of information and our production? How do we process information and gain perspective?
  2. Sustainability: How vital and energetic do we feel?  Are we motivated, creative, inspired? How do we regulate regeneration of our ressource? 
  3. Agency: Is our rhythm balanced? How are we aligned with our core values, our integrity? How do we feel part of the organization in our life (social, professional).

MINDFULNESS for doctorsEach one-hour session follows this structure:

  1. Introduction of the topic
  2. Experiential guided contemplation
  3. Mindful Dialogue 
  4. Tool Kit to identify and remove obstacles
  5. Suggestion of practices until next session

This course can be prolonged to 5 meetings with an initial session for group coherence and presence building and a conclusion meeting for adopting the tools and learn to use them on demand.