About Me

bring people together in an exploration of the real nature of our existence

Eye Surgeon and Meditator

Dr Audrey Messas is a renowned eye surgeon in parallel with being a mindfulness and awareness experienced and innovator teacher. Audrey has been holding both passions and has taught workshops and meditation groups for the last 15 years.
She has studied consciousness, eastern philosophies and communication for the last 20 years and is a certified teacher and coach.


Lately she is studying and practicing with Thomas Huebl, a contemporary spiritual teacher who recently led the Collective trauma summit attended by more than 100 000 people and lectured at the Harvard University of Medicine.

Evidence based medicine and recent Neuroscience findings confirm the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and awareness practices, on general health and wellbeing. 

Audrey integrates in her workshops ,practices inspired by the great wisdom traditions, like Zen and Tibetan Buddhism with more scientific findings, contemporary Non Dual Teachers and major philosophers like Ken Wilber.



Being herself very engaged in her clinical and surgical profession, she has first hand experience of the use of mindfulness and her awareness techniques for improving presence and availability in our daily life. Prevention of Burn-Out, reviving our connection and internal and interpersonal communication are at the heart of her teachings. The focus of her courses and workshops  is for Doctors, and other professionals.

Concern about Burn-Out of health providers has been growing in the last years.  Unfortunately the COVID crisis has put the lack of strength of the health systems worldly under the spotlights. Audrey feels that NOW is the time to address the overwhelm of this profession (and others).


About me as an Artist

From early Childhood I was drawn to beautiful images, Especially Japanese. I grew up in France, and spent my twenties in Paris where I Studied medicine to become an Eye Surgeon,  and later on a mother. I traveled around delecting on paintings from small churches in Italy to museums in Europe and the US, as well as craft and fabric markets in Guatemala or Senegal.  When I moved to Tel Aviv I was lucky to encounter Zen Meditation and soon started sketching and photographing as a mindfulness practice. I later studied painting and I am since exploring and integrating changes through my acrylic paintings, collages, calligraphy and photography.  The COVID crisis is an invitation to stop and look at the change of the world.  I paint as a calling for our culture to awaken and change what needs to evolve and transform for us to become a sustainable civilization.