Competent Communication

This course is built from three sessions exploring different angles on Communication to become “competent”, i.e., authentic, mature, aware, inclusive and efficient.

Each session includes an exploration and a practice using techniques for improving communication skills.

  1. Circular communication, Intra personal: Me and my body, my organs, my emotions, my thoughts. How can I sense, witness and regulate myself?
  2. Horizontal communication, Interpersonal: Me and my colleagues, friends, beloved. When and how am I available and responsible As opposed to being projecting and reactive?
  3. Vertical communication. Me in the past, present future, me and my roots and conditioning. How aware am I of these dimensions? Can I work with awareness to remove obstacles, unlock and manifest my potential.

Each one-hour session follows this structure:


Introduction of the topic

  1. Experiential guided contemplation
  2. Mindful Dialogue
  3. Tool Kit to identify and remove obstacles
  4. Suggestion of practices until next session

This course can be extended to 5 meetings with an initial session for group coherence and presence building and a conclusion meeting for adopting the tools and learn to use them on demand.