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Dr Audrey Messas is a renowned eye surgeon in parallel with being a mindfulness and awareness experienced teacher. 

Audrey studied eastern philosophies, communication and consciousness for the last 20 years. She is a certified teacher and coach in Israel and abroad.

She has studied extensively in Israel, in Germany and the USA and has been part of multi years training both in Israel and abroad. She was part of the Dharma Facilitators Training, the Non Dual Teachers training, as well as in the international coaching team in the year long Radiant Mind course in Germany.  She was part of the Board of directors of the Israeli insight organization “tovana”.MINDFULNESS for doctors

Audrey participated in the Super Human Operating System training with Ken Wilber and the Mastery University with Tony Robbins. Lately she is part of the Pocket Project Lab on Climate change as well as the course on Principles of Collective of Trauma Healing with Thomas Huebl, a contemporary spiritual teacher who led the Collective Trauma Summit attended by more than 100 000 people. 

 Dr Messas has been leading retreats, workshops, and online weekly groups in person and online since 2012.  

She has taught mindfulness courses and Burn-out Prevention workshops especially to health care professionals. 

Audrey’s teaching style is interactive, immediate and clear. She creates group coherence and supports an experience for her students. Her teachings integrate practices inspired by the great wisdom traditions with neuroscientific findings.

Being herself fully engaged professionally,  she has first hand experience of mindfulness and awareness techniques for improving presence, availability and vitality. Her practices prevent Burn Out, and restore wellbeing, creativity and internal and interpersonal communication.

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