Discover it's Possible

Short Mindfulness courses designed for health practitioners

People Matter

Improve and practice Communication skills

What Feels Good

Reconnect to our resilience, and inspiration and return to enjoying resting and thriving

Having A Plan

Meditate daily to reconnect and cultivate the passion that brought us to Medicine in the first place


Choose your Mindfulness Course

Tools for Doctors to manage stress and live in a more aware healthy joyful way

MINDFULNESS for doctors

Introduction to mindfulness

Up to 3 meetings to introduce you personally to Mindfulness

Explore and Restore

6 session course to improve availability, vitality and self care

Mindfulness at the clinic

A 10 session group class to imply Mindfulness at the clinic

What Mindfulness Courses will give you

· Increase your capacity to stay present and compassionate facing overwhelm and suffering.
· Increase your capacity to digest the flow of new information and keep up with advances in technologies
· Regulate your level of vitality and energy
· Increase your awareness of ourselves at the body/emotion/mind level in your daily work
· Reconnect and cultivate the passion that brought you to Medicine in the first place
· Create and manage inner spaciousness
· Improve and practice your Communication skills
· Cultivate partnerships in the healing process
• Build or integrate a community of like minded people
• Continue to learn and grow
• Break the vicious cycle of Hyperactivity and avoidance of relaxation


Today, more than ever , We Doctors need tools to be more aware, healthy, and live in a sustainable and joyful manner.

Audrey’s courses help us.